Certificate in Afro-Latin American Studies

The Afro-Latin American Studies Undergraduate Certificate provides degree-seeking FIU students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the global, economic, cultural, and historical experiences of all peoples of African descent in the Latin American and Caribbean including communities of Black presences from the period of the ransatlantic slave trade and their descendants, and from more recent migration movements. The Certificate complements students’ work in their major fields of study at the undergraduate level while fostering greater understanding of Black presences in the region. The certificate is supported academically by the course offerings and student advising of AADS core and affiliate with diverse research and teaching interests. Students can choose courses that focus more specifically on Afro-Latin Americans living both in the region and in other geographic areas to which Afro-Latin Americans have migrated.

The Certificate places a strong emphasis on Afro-Latin American cultural expressions, social and political realities, and economic conditions at the local, national, regional, and international/global levels. Its objectives is to offer coordinated insights into the ongoing challenges Afrodescended communities face locally, nationally, and internationally and on the ways in which Afro-Latin American communities and individuals have developed political and creative strategies for survival in the midst of, and resistance to, racism and political, economic, and social oppression. The Certificate provides enrolled students with numerous opportunities to explore the realities of Afro-Latin American populations and the specific challenges they face. Courses for the Certificate are selected from both the social science and humanities offerings in several departments. This certificate program is open to degree-seeking onsite students only.

Applicants must be pursuing a degree at FIU in order to apply for this certificate. To apply for the Afro-Latin American Studies Certificate, please click here!

General Requirements (18 credits)

Students complete 18 credit hours of study from disciplines as diverse as geography, history, international relations, journalism, sociology, anthropology, literature, music, and political science. These two required courses should be taken at the start of the Certificate Program. The other 12 credits must come from the elective courses, comprising both Arts and Humanities courses, and Social Sciences courses. The program director may approve other courses upon request. Students requesting an exception from these lists must present a syllabus for the course they would like to enroll in, prior to enrollment. The courses considered for such an exception should have at least a 35% Afro-Latin American content. Not all courses are offered every semester.

Prior to enrolling in the last course for this “Stand Alone Certificate”, all students should approach the AADS office and indicate that they are about to complete the curricular requirements. Students should be advised that the term paper they turn in in their last Certificate course will be used to assess Certificate Student Learning Outcomes. Students will have to make an oral presentation of that paper at an event AADS will routinely organize at the end of the fall and spring semesters, every year.

Required Core Courses (6 credits)

  • AFA 4930 African and African Diaspora Studies Theory - 3 credits
  • AFA 4241 The African Diaspora in Latin America - 3 credits

Electives (Arts and Humanities Courses, Social Sciences: 12 credits)

  • AFA 2004 Black Popular Cultures, Global Dimensions - GL
  • AFA 4931 Special Topics in African and African Diaspora Studies (with relevant course focus)
  • AFA 4351 Hip Hop Culture, Social Consciousness and Social Entrepreneurship
  • AFA 4370 Global Hip Hop - GL
  • AFA 4372 Race, Gender and Sexuality in Hip Hop - GL
  • AFA 4941 African and African Diaspora Studies Internship (with relevant course focus)
  • AFS 4265 Latin America and the Caribbean in Africa-South-South Interactions—GL
  • ANT 4396 Representations of Africa and Africans in Films
  • ARH 3511 Introduction to the Visual Arts of the African World
  • CPO 4394 Race and Politics in the Americas
  • LAH 2020 Latin American Civilizations
  • LAH 3132 The Formation of Latin America
  • LAH 3200 Latin America: The National Period
  • LAH 4482 Cuba: 18th-20th Centuries
  • LAH 4600 History of Brazil
  • LAH 4737 Music, Modernity and Identity in Latin American History
  • LAH 4XXX Politics of Race and Nation in Brazil
  • WOH 4230 The African Diaspora and the Atlantic Slave Trade