Graduate Certificate in African and African Diaspora Studies

General Information

The African & African Diaspora Studies (AADS) Graduate Certificate program employs a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the economic, social, cultural and historical experiences of people of African with a specific focus on Africa and people of African descent globally. The certificate is designed to complement students’ professional and academic interests and qualifications by providing additional expertise on U.S. born African Americans, Continental Africans, and/or international communities of the African Diaspora, singularly or in combination. The Certificate complements students’ work in their major fields of study.

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General Requirements (15 credits)

Required Course

  • AFA 5005 African and African Diaspora Studies Theory

The 12 remaining credit hours may be drawn from courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences as listed below. Note that students are expected to complete at least 3 credits from each list. Students should consult with advisors since new courses are frequently added, and special topic courses sometimes concern Africa and the African diaspora. Students may also select other courses not listed below with approval from the Graduate Director after submitting the appropriate syllabus.

List I: The Humanities

Students must choose between 3 and 9 credits from the list below.

  • AFA 5932 Special Topics in African and African Diaspora Studies
  • AFA 5107 Teaching the African American Experience
  • AFA 5341 Health Issues in the African World
  • AFA 5600 National and Transnational Policy Analysis: The African Diaspora
  • AFA 5855 Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in Africana Studies --NEW!
  • AFA 6245 The African Diaspora in Latin America
  • AFA 6851 Advanced Seminar in African and African Diaspora Studies
  • AFH 5905 Readings in African History
  • AFH 5935 Topics in African History
  • FRE 5508 La Francophonie
  • HAI 5235 Haitian Creole Seminar
  • LAH 5465 Peoples, Culture and Politics of Haiti
  • LAS 6025 Seminar: The Humanities in Cuba
  • LIN 6602 Language Contact
  • LIT 5359 African Diaspora Women Writers
  • LIT 5358 Black Literature and Literacy/Cultural Theory
  • MUH 5025 History of Popular Music in the United States
  • MUH 5067 Music of the Caribbean
  • REL 5122 African American Religion
  • REL 5372 African Spirituality
  • REL 5384 Rasta, Vodou, Santeria
  • REL 5488 Theology and Liberation Movements
  • SPN 5536 Afro-Cuban Culture
  • SPN 5537 Special Topics in Afro-Hispanic Culture
  • SPW 5346 Poetry of Jorge Guillen
  • SPW 5776 Black Literature in Latin America
  • SPW 6368 19th Century Spanish-Caribbean Narrative
  • WOH 5237 The African Diaspora Since the End Of the Slave Trade
  • WOH 5236 The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the African Diaspora, 1441-1807

List II: The Social Sciences

Students must choose between 3 and 9 credits from the list below.

  • AFA 6217 Sex, Race, and Power in European Colonialisms


  • SYD 6796 Sex, Race, and Power in Colonial Time
  • ANG 6473 Diasporas, Migration, and Globalization
  • ANG 5397 Advanced African Diaspora Cultures
  • ANG 5396 Representations of Africa and Africans in Films
  • ANT 6319 The African Diaspora: Anthropological Perspectives
  • CPO 5325 Politics of the Caribbean
  • CPO 6350 Seminar in Brazilian Politics
  • CPO 6376 Seminar in Central American Politics
  • CPO 6206 Seminar in African Politics
  • CYP 6766 The Psychology of Crosscultural Sensitization in a Multicultural Context
  • ECS 5406 Latin American Economies
  • ECS 6436 The Economics of Caribbean Migration
  • ECS 7435 Economics of the Caribbean
  • INR 5087 Ethnicity and the Politics of Development
  • INR 5255 Seminar in African Development
  • INR 6936 Seminar in Inter-American Politics
  • SYD 6705 Comparative Analysis of Ethnicity and Race
  • SYP 6739 Seminar: Ethnic Minority Aging in U.S.

Cost of Attendance

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Please note that teaching assistant-ships cannot be offered to students enrolled only in graduate certificates.