Statement on the Global Response to the Death of George Floyd & Persistent Crisis of State Violence

Statement on the Global Response to the Death of George Floyd and the Persistent Crisis of State Violence:

We, the Steering Committee of the African and African Diaspora Studies program at Florida International University, offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences and support to the families of Mr. George Floyd; Ms. Breonna Taylor; Mr. Ahmaud Arbery; Mr. Tony McDade; and Mr. Dreasjon Reed. We offer solidarity and support to the people of South Florida, the United States, and across the globe who are grieving, and suffering as the result of the traumatic impact of this current period of upheaval and unrest.

We take this opportunity to state in the most direct and unequivocal terms our belief in the rights of Black people across the globe to live in peace without fear of harm, bodily injury, and death, especially at the hands of those given the responsibility to protect and serve. We remain steadfast in our resolve to contribute in all the ways that we can to efforts designed to eradicate systemic and pervasive inequities, institutional racism and oppression in all of its forms. We stand with our Black Student Union and remain committed to educating our next-generation-leadership in efforts designed to eliminate racist and oppressive policies and practices that remain embedded in all governmental and nongovernmental institutions. We are steadfast in our efforts to fulfill our programmatic mission to foster greater understanding of the experiences of peoples of African descent internationally and to contribute to Florida International University’s objective of serving the people of South Florida, the state, the nation, and our international communities.

We remain dedicated to fostering practices that facilitate the growth and success of people of African descent.

We encourage all allies, partners, and supporters to join us in this effort.