Two AADS Faculty Conducted a Seminar in Two Ghanaian Universities for a Total of Eight weeks

Two AADS Faculty, Albert Wuaku (associate professor of religious studies, affiliated with AADS) and Jean Muteba Rahier (professor of anthropology and African & African diaspora studies), have returned from Ghana where they led a four-week long seminar in two different universities thanks to a "cohort and multi-institutional" Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship (CADFP) (see here) they were awarded: the University of Ghana, Legon, and then the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. This fellowship was aimed at developing cooperation/collaboration between US- and Canada-based African born scholars and Sub-Saharan African universities for the development of graduate studies, curriculum, and research, along with graduate student mentoring mostly for the benefit of the African institutions. The seminar, which ran for a grand total of 8 weeks, was entitled "Theorizing the African Diaspora in the 21st Century within an Increasingly Transnational Field of Inquiry / Contemporary Trends in Research on Religions in Africa and the African Diaspora". FIU, the University of Ghana, Legon, and the University of Cape Coast, hope to strengthen their relationship by establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in the next few weeks. We hope that some of the Ghanaian students involved will choose to complete their graduate studies at FIU in the near future. Both professors have reported that they very much enjoyed interacting with Ghanaian graduate students during the seminars. The students were very enthusiastic at engaging with faculty members (Wuaku and Rahier) who were—despite having been born on the African continent—very much a product of their immersion within American academia, and who were therefore eventually processing details and conceptualizing research and writing about it quite differently than their regular faculty. These seminar experiences were definitely beneficial to both the UG and UCC students, and to Professors Wuaku and Rahier.

We congratulate Dr. Wuaku and Dr. Rahier for the successful completion of the seminar!