Kimberly Miller


I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but decided to head up north for my undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University where I earned a BA in History with Honors focusing on African-American Studies in 2013. I completed my Senior Honors thesis on Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies-Black Women Oral History Project at their Schlesinger Library. During my undergraduate studies, I also completed a certificate in American Politics and Government at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies in 2011. Upon completing my BA, I explored Gender Studies at the doctoral level at Indiana University with a focus on Black feminism and intersectionality, but ultimately decided I wanted to pursue a more internationalist/global framework. This is what drew me to FlU and their combined MA/PhD program in African and African Diaspora Studies/Global & Sociocultural Studies, where I am on the Sociology track. My research interests draw upon Black feminist theory and the politics of “paradise,” racialization surrounding touristic consumption of the Caribbean, cultural commodification and autonomy, indigeneity, and strategies of resistance to various forms of exploitation. My research focuses specifically on the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica and their growing ecotourist development. My goal is to one day be a historical sociologist whose research amplifies voices of the marginalized.