Abby Gondek

Image: abby.jpg

For the past two years I worked as a New York City Teaching Fellow (a public high school teacher) and completed a M.S. in Teaching Urban Adolescents with Disabilities at Long Island University. During my master’s program, I completed several narrative/descriptive inquiry studies that focused on the experiences of young men of color as well as identity development and student-led discussion techniques. Earlier in my time in New York, I worked as a Jewish educator, Kaplan private tutor and adjunct professor in Sociology and Psychology. Before moving to New York, I completed a M.A. in Women’s Studies from San Diego State and worked as a Graduate Teaching Associate. In this position I designed and led my own introductory Women’s Studies course. My master’s thesis focused on the “borderland” experiences of Afro-Jewish women in Brazil. For my dissertation, I am interested in exploring the long-term relationships that develop when doing ongoing ethnographic research and understanding my motivations for pursuing research in the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, class and religion. I want to discover the possibilities in ethnographic memoir and auto-ethnography, which would allow me to integrate my interests in observational and introspective writing.