AADS is home to a diverse and talented group of faculty members, staff, students, and alumni. Our core and affiliated faculty comprise a distinct group of globally-oriented scholars with specializations that range from the humanities and social sciences to environmental studies, law and social justice, health sciences, education and international business.

Some of FIU’s best and most passionate professors can be found in this program. They really care for their students and challenge us to use our differences for the enrichment of society.
Katiana S. Saintable | Undergraduate Certificate Student (2008)

Our graduate students are among FIU’s most accomplished, and go on to pursue a range of interesting careers or study at the PhD level. After graduating, students of our MA Program have been admitted in a number of PhD programs in other universities including Princeton University, U.C. Berkeley, U.T. Austin, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Indiana University in Bloomington, and Howard University. Others have preferred to stay in the excellent PhD programs offered at FIU.