Seven Core or Affiliate AADS Faculty Celebrated at This Year's FIU Authors Reception

At this year's annual reception to celebrate FIU faculty who have authored books published in 2014, seven core or affiliate faculty of AADS were among those celebrated.


(Photo caption- second from left: Robert Gutsche, Jr.; third from left: Jenna Gibbs; sixth from left in the front: Annette Fromm; seventh from left in the back: Moses Shumow; twelfth from left in the back: Jean Muteba Rahier; second from the right: Brittany Gilmer; fourth from the right in the back: Ulrich Oslender)

Here are the books published in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Fromm, Annette. (2014) Dissolving Boundaries, Museological Approaches to National, Social and Cultural Issues. Bamberg, Germany: Druckerei und Verlag K. Urlaub GmbH.

Gibbs, Jenna M. (2014) Performing the Temple of Liberty: Slavery, Theater, and Popular Culture in London and Philadelphia, 1760-1850 (Early America: History, Context, Culture.) Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Gilmer, Brittany. (2014) Political Geographies of Piracy: Constructing Threats and Containing Bodies in Somalia. New York, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Gutsche, Robert E. Jr. (2014) A Transplanted Chicago: Race, Place and the Press in Iowa City. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

Oslender, Ulrich. (2014) Bridging Scholarship and Activism: Reflections from the Frontlines of Collaborative Research (Transformations in Higher Education). East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University Press.

Rahier, Jean Muteba. (2014) Blackness in the Andes: Ethnographic Vignettes of Cultural Politics in the Time of Multiculturalism. New York, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Shumow, Moses. (2014) Mediated Communities: Civic Voices, Empowerment and Media Literacy in the Digital Era. New York, New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.