Problematizing Blackness, Book Edited by AADS Faculty Dr. Rahier and Dr. Hintzen, Now in Paperback

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Problematizing Blackness: Self-Ethnographies by Black Immigrants to the United States, a book edited by AADS Program Director Dr. Jean Muteba Rahier and AADS Affiliate Faculty Dr. Percy C. Hintzen is now available in paperback. Please see below for a brief description of the book.

Forces of globalization and reforms in the United States immigration law after the mid-1960s produced a black immigrant population that has no personal experience of the segregation that characterized the racial geography of the United States before the era of the civil rights. Problematizing Blackness is a collection of essays by members of this immigrant group, which, by its growing presence, is contributing to the unsettling and destabilizing of the meaning of blackness in the United States. Through reflective and critical self-ethnographies and life stories, the contributors to this volume examine this profound reality of change in the country's racial organization and comment upon the diverse routes that they each have taken as black immigrants forced to navigate the highly racialized terrain of the United States.

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