Dr. Jean Rahier Is Invited to Deliver Keynote Opening Lecture at DePaul University's Colloquium

AADS Director, Dr. Jean Muteba Rahier, is invited to deliver keynote opening lecture at May 9, 2014 DePaul University Colloquium on African and Black Diaspora Studies: the State of the Field and Future Directions. The closing keynote plenary talk will be given by Cornell University Africana Studies and Research Center Professor, Dr. Carole Boyce Davies, who is a former Director of FIU's African-New World Studies Program (ANWS). Another former ANWS Director, Dr. Akin Ogundiran, currently Chairperson of the University of Charlotte's Africana Studies Department, will also present at the Colloquium.

Please click here to view the colloquium's flyer and program.