AADS Faculty Recognized in FIU Faculty Book Authors 2014 Reception

The 2014 Faculty Book Authors reception was organized by FIU's Provost Office and hosted and sponsored by Barnes and Noble on April 3, 2014. It recognized the publication of FIU Faculty book authors, among whom were several AADS faculty including AADS Director, Dr. Jean Rahier; AADS Core Faculty and Associate Professor of History Dr. Hilary Jones; AADS Affiliate Faculty and Associate Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Albert Wuaku; AADS Affiliate Faculty and Associate Professor of Earth and Environment Dr. Assefa M. Melesse; and AADS Affiliate Faculty and Professor of Anthropology Dr. Alex Stepick. Let's congratulate our AADS Faculty for their hard work!


In order from left to right: Dr. Kenneth Furton Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and incoming Provost, Dr. Albert Wuaku, Dr. Alex Stepick, Dr. Assefa Melesse, Dr. Jean Rahier, and Dr. Hilary Jones

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