President of University of Liberia Visits AADS

The President of the University of Liberia Visits FIU

Liberian American FIU Biology Professor, Dr. Ophelia Weeks, arranged the visit of Dr. Emmet Denis, President of the University of Liberia, to visit FIU on July 10th 2012. On that occasion, AADS faculty met with Dr. Denis in the AADS office prior to attending a reception offered by the College of Arts & Sciences in honor of Dr. Denis, who also gave a presentation on the current state of higher education in Liberia. During his visit, Dr. Denis met with FIU authorities and signed a Memorandum of Understanding that makes the partnership between the two universities official.

Dr. Percy Hintzen, Dr. Jean Rahier Director of AADS, Dr. Emmet Denis President of the University of Liberia, and Dr. John Clark