Dr. Marta Maffia from Universidad Nacional De La Plata Presents Lecture

On November 7, 2012, Dr. Marta Maffia, from the Universidad de La Plata in Argentina who has authored the book Desde Cabo Verde a la Argentina: Migracion, parentesco y familia, gave the lecture entitled "..." at Florida International University. The event was organized by AADS and co-sponsored by LACC. Dr. Maffia's lecture was translated from Spanish to English by Dr. Rahier, AADS' Director.

Students, Faculty and Staff Listen to Dr. Marta Maffia Present Her Lecture

Dr. Marta Maffia

LACC MA Students, Dr. Jean Rahier- Director of AADS, Dr. Marta Maffia, and Liesl Picard- Associate Director of LACC