AADS Alumnus Amy Wolfson Receives Prestigious Fellowship from UC Berkley

Amy Wolfson, an AADS Alumnus currently enrolled in U.C. Berkeley Ph.D. Program in African Diaspora Studies

Amy was awarded the U.C. system Center for African Studies Rocca Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship to go to Tanzania this summer 2012. She will be there for two months. Upon her return to California, she will submit several grant applications for dissertation research fellowships, including the SSRC, NSF and Fulbright.

Amy also has won two awards for teaching, the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, and the Teaching Effectiveness Award. She says that FIU’s AADS have been instrumental to her development as a teacher! Her teaching portfolio is now thick. The experience she gained at FIU with online teaching is highly appreciated at U.C. Berkeley.

Amy hopes to get to Miami next winter on her way to Haiti. She will soon be preparing her qualifying exams. In those exams, she’d like to make an intervention that deals with humanitarianism in regards to Kant's (and others) notions of a world-citizen, global civil society, and cosmopolitanism—and putting this into conversation with Diaspora theory using Gilroy and others.

Keep making us here at FIU Proud Amy!