AADS GSA receives the Outstanding Organization in the Graduate Student Organization Community Award

Greetings AADS Students, Faculty, and Staff:

As we near the end of another productive semester, I write to announce a great success for the Graduate Student Association (GSA). We were nominated for and won the Council for Student Organizations’ (CSO) award for “Outstanding Organization in the Graduate Student Organization Community”. The award was presented in a ceremony on April 18th, and I proudly accepted it on behalf of the GSA and the Program.

As AADS GSA President, having this honor bestowed upon the organization is a source of great pride and a marker of accomplishment. As a member of the GSA I know that this award is representative of the efforts and dedication of many people. The award would not have been possible without all the members of the GSA who give their time, intelligence, creativity, and efforts at every meeting and event. Although every member is responsible for our success, we must note the role played by Linda Smith in chairing the highly successful Symposium. We must also recognize Fiacre Bienvenue and Charles Mays II who were part of the executive committee.

We must also credit the AADS faculty and our advisor Dr. Rahier for their support and for a signature events which we facilitate and (gladly) take credit for as our own. We cannot forget to thank the AADS staff members who are integral to the functioning of our association. Without Rosa, Cheryl, Aylair, and Joanette we would not have been able to navigate the many demands of CSO. We must also thank AADS Professors Drs Cornelius, Merleaux, Faria, and Blevins for their contributions in making our symposium a success. We cannot overlook the members of SAGGSA and WSGSA for their support, moral and financial, and their willingness to collaborate, further promoting our organization.

At this end of the semester and in light of this success we look forward to celebrate the immediate past and look to the opportunities that wait for us in the future. I cannot neglect to note the strong, vibrant association we inherited and on whose shoulders this and future successes depend. As this cohort of members gives way to the next I can only hope that we have continued in the building of a GSA that will become an institution on campus. As I look at those that will assume the leadership I have complete faith that they will further our mission of building interests in African and African Diaspora studies and issues, fomenting scholarship and vigorous debate, and representing the voice of the students.

I thank you all for your efforts and support as your friend, student, confident and president. Without you this achievement would not have been possible.


Felix Jean-Louis