15th Annual Eric Williams Memorial Lecture:The Mighty Sparrow and Professor Rawle Gibbons

Event information
Venue:SIPA 125

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Update about the Mighty Sparrow, performance by Lord Relator.

For a video of Lord Relator, please click here.

The Mighty Sparrow has been hospitalized and will be unable to make the Lecture.
1. The Lecture will be dedicated in Sparrow's honor.
2. To perform the parts that Sparrow would have, we are fortunate to have Trinidad and Tobago's Lord Relator - nicknamed the local Sammy Davis - a calypsonian par excellence since the 1960s, who has performed with international stars such as Billy Ocean and Jimmy Cliff.
Known for his accurate impersonations of the famous - in a calypso context - Relator is also highly skilled in the art of extemporaneous calypso - the ability to "compose impromptu lyrics about any subject, at any time, without previous thought or study."

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