AADS offers students the flexibility to choose courses that will allow them to focus more specifically on either US-born African Americans, Continental Africans, or communities in the African diaspora internationally. Students may also choose courses that will bring them to learn about all three or any combination of these areas. Undergraduate and graduate courses for AADS programs can be taken in the departments of English, Global & Sociocultural Studies, Modern Languages, Political Science & International Relations, Religious Studies, Psychology, and History, and in other Colleges within the university, such as Law, Arts & Architecture, Education, and Public Health.

AADS publishes a course list each academic year. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester/year. New courses are developed and added to the course list periodically, as well as courses may be deleted from one year to the next. Upon request, the program director may approve courses that are not on the course list. Students requesting an exception must present a syllabus for the course in which they would like to enroll.